eTail Deutschland 2017 (past event)

March 14-March 15, 2017

Maritim pro Arte, Berlin, Germany

44 (0) 207 368 9332


eTail Germany 2016 - The Highlights

This year eTail Germany returned to Berlin with a bang, and truly established itself
as the definitive e-commerce gathering in Germany.

With over 400 attendees from the biggest and most dynamic eCommerce players in Germany, eTail sold out of tickets and delivered on its promise of delivering the most senior and diverse audience of eCommerce directors in Germany.

eTail Germany 2016 - Why Sponsor in 2017?

With input from market leaders such as bonprix, Deutsche Bahn, Media Saturn, Otto Group, Google, Vodafone, GANT and many more, attendees were given the complete picture on how the eCommerce environment is developing and how they can stay ahead of this rapid change.

Survival of the Quickest | How web optimization is driving business growth

In the fast moving world of website optimisation every second counts – the faster you can respond to the data you have available the more you’ll be able to sell online.

In Summer 2015 Frosmo and WBR Digital surveyed 100 leading retail eCommerce executives in Europe to find out how they are responding to the explosion of opportunity created by the boom in online sales.